The Study ad­vis­ory coun­cil – a new board - back­ground and in­clu­sion for ex­am­in­a­tion reg­u­la­tion mat­ters

The Study Advisory council was constituted on the 29th September 2015. It is based on the new Hochschulzukunftsgesetz NRW. The Study Advisory council advises the Faculty Council and the Dean in matters of teaching and studies, especially in matters of academic reforms, the evaluation of study and teaching as well as the issuance and amendment of examination regulations.
Please note, especially if you are a member of a Examination Board following points, if regulations or possible amendments should be resolved via the Faculty board :

  1. In case of amendments of examination regulations, the reason and motivation for change must be explained and written down in an additional letter. The amendment must be comprehensible.
  2. The attendance at meetings is requested of the person in responsible for the amendment.
  3. Submissions must be at the Study Advisory Council in time, this means one week before the council meeting. Please send the examination regulations or amended regulations to the managing dean for studies ( and cc to the director(

If you orientate yourself on the faculty board meetings, please note that submissions have to be at the Study Advisory Council three weeks in advance.

As the council issues resolutions at meetings, resolutions cannot be adopted by written consent in lieu, as there is no legal basis.
The Study advisory council cannot formulate or amend examination regulations, it therefore only approaches the Institute in well-founded cases ( e.g. in case of problems concerning the examination regulations) in a proactive manner. The regulations are developed in the Institutes.

Dates for the Study Advisory Council meetings (Room P1.3.02):

Montag, 12.02.2024 (Rosenmontag) 
Montag, 04.03.2024 
Montag, 08.04.2024 
Montag, 06.05.2024 
Montag, 03.06.2024 
Montag, 01.07.2024
Montag, 19.08.2024 

In case of questions, please contact the dean for studies.

Mailing list: eim-stbr(at) for information to the Study Advisory Council

Mit­glieder des Stud­i­en­beir­ats

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katrin Temmen (Studiendekanin)  
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Thiede  
Prof. Dr. Thomas Richthammer  
Prof. Dr.  Juraj Somorovsky  
Akad. MitarbeiterInnen
Dr. Cornelia Kaiser  
Miriam Nippel (I)
Jan-Oliver Opdenhövel (I)
Fabian Schneider (I)
Tim Hartmann (E)
Dariana Schneider (E)

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