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Informations from the university

All information regarding the coronavirus can be found on the following page of the university.

Informations from the faculty

Business trips

Please refer to the university website for information on the current corona regulations for business trips.

Urgent procurements over 1000 Euro net
  1. The procedure should only be used for truly urgent procurements. Please weigh up carefully what can be procured later.
  2. A procurement request must be received by the administration. If you do not have MACH access from home, you can download the conventional form on the pages of procurement or UPB's ZV, fill it in and send it to us by e-mail. It is important here internally that funds are committed. Especially if you initially incur costs yourself, it makes it easier to reimburse them later if the funds have already been committed for this specific purpose. 
  3. You can, of course, have things delivered to your home address or, if the procurement office sends the order, arrange for this (please note this on the procurement application). 
  4. The procurement item that you procure for work at home must of course be comprehensibly justified for official purposes. It is important that the billing address is UPB's official address.
  5. In the current situation, please pay more attention to the reliability and efficiency of suppliers in direct purchases.
  6. If you have any specific questions regarding procurement, please send your request to beschaffung(at)zv.upb(dot)de and we will help you in any case.
Procedural note for supervisors of theses (registration procedure CAN option)

The application procedure for Bachelor and Master theses CAN be carried out according to this procedure with immediate effect:

Please send to the email address of the chairman of the examination board: 

  1. (as before) the summary of the topic and
  2. (new!) the date on which you want to start working on the topic.

In particular, it is no longer necessary for the candidate to submit the relevant admission form for you to sign.

Irrespective of this, the following procedure applies to Computer Science:
The registration of theses in Computer Science is done with the usual form. You can sign the form manually and then scan or digitally sign it. Then send the form by e-mail to the first assessor; if for some reason you were not able to sign it, please write in the e-mail that you would like to register herewith and clearly state that you have taken note of the instructions on the routing slip. In the same mail please send the proposal and the work plan to the first assessor. The first assessor will then take all further steps and send all necessary information to the Central Examination Secretariat.

Committee meetings

Committee work and working meetings usually take place digitally. Exceptions are only possible if there are special reasons. The reasons must be explained in writing, approved by the deans and reported to the presidency. Compliance with the updated occupational health and safety standards of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs with regard to the requirements of the Corona pandemic, the Corona Protection Ordinance of the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia as well as the hygiene and protection regulations in accordance with the specifications of the Robert Koch Institute must be ensured (see also the corresponding explanations under "Examinations").
For committee meetings, a guide will be developed that will shed light on many other aspects. This process is not yet complete. First of all, here are a few current tips from the HR department:

1. For the vote/resolution

  1. Subject: no personnel matter.
    Open votes within the framework of the video conference are possible.
  2. Subject matter: personnel matters
    A secret ballot is required here, i.e. it must not be possible to trace who and how they* voted.


2. If a list position must be voted on in an appointment procedure, it must be ensured that all professors of the members of the group of university teachers are eligible to participate. In addition, the non-publicity of the meeting and secret voting must be ensured. In the case of a secret ballot, it must be ensured that NO person can trace who voted how. This can only be ensured by using voting tools.

3. Data protection speaks against a recording of the video conference. The facilitation of the recording is n o t a reason for a "relaxed" data protection. The creation of minutes in other sessions is also not done with the help of a recording of the session.


Please check the university website for the current Corona regulations for courses in summer-term 2021.


Please check the university website for the current Corona regulations for courses in the running semester.

Please check the page on exams in WS 20/21 for the latest information.

Student workstations

Unfortunately, the student workstations may not be used, neither in the publicly accessible areas of the university nor in the library, the Mensa Academica or in Building I.

Coronavirus: offers for students and employees

"daheimgeschrieben" - online writing group

It is easier to write together than alone. And if the analog doesn't work, then we'll make it digital!

The rules are simple:

  • We meet from 10 to 5 online on Discord. This is - as they say themselves - a "free, secure and extensive voice and text chat for gamers - for your computer and your smartphone".
  • You write as usual on your own device and in your usual word processing program
  • In the Discord writing group there are different channels where different things happen. The first and most important rule is that everyone in a channel only does what it is meant for
  • At the beginning of the writing day, all of them post their goals for the day
  • You will regularly receive new challenges - small tasks that make writing more exciting, easier and maybe even better. Whether you accept the challenges or prefer to concentrate on writing through them is up to you
  • At the end of the day, all participants will be awarded stars for their achieved writing goals in the corresponding channel
  • In a question memory you can ask all your questions about academic writing, answer each other's questions and give each other tips.

Appointment: The next appointment will be announced in time.

Further information and registration can be found under the following link:

We are looking forward to your participation!

Stay healthy in your home office

Those who do not have the ideal workplace at home now may suffer from back pain more quickly or need more mobilisation. The Hochschulsport and TK offer a "Mobility Challenge" for us:


Support measures for members of the university with children as result of the Corona Pandemic

As a result of the corona pandemic, university members with children are exposed to particular time pressure due to the lack of childcare and the additional homeschooling, in addition to the switch to digital teaching. For the upcoming examination phase as well as for the preparation and implementation of teaching in the coming summer semester, you will find support services here:

The University for the Information Society