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Current Rankings

University rankings rate the quality of research and teaching at universities. The CHE-Ranking – released by the renowned weekly paper DIE ZEIT – is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking about universities, colleges and universities of cooperative education in the German speaking area. The CHE-Ranking is published annually.

Excellent Result for Mathematic in Paderborn within the renowned Ranking

In the Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai Ranking), one of the most renowned research rankings worldwide, wich is carried out by the Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, the institute for Mathematics at the University of Paderborn has achieved an excellent result and asserted itself as an institute which is strong in research in a competitive and international context. The Academic Ranking of World Universities examines worldwide more than 1200 universities and their subject area and publishes a ranking of the best 500. The field of Mathematics in Paderborn achieved a placement within the Top 75 worldwde.

More detailed information and comparative indicators which have flown into the ranking can be found here:

Computer Science in Paderborn remains at the top – Results of the CHE University Rankings 2018

Yet again the institute for Computer Science at the University of Paderborn shines: this year the institute also counts to the top class of the CHE university rankings in several categories; as for example reaching 13 of 14 possible points in the category "Support during the start of studies": starting from this year new aspects as orientation, mentoring/consultation and competence development count to this indicator. The international alignments in the Master’s program are priced with the peak value as well. In the research Computer Science in Paderborn counts as the leader in two of three categories, namely "Publication per Scientists" and "Promotions per Professor".

The students gave good reviews and gave Computer Science more seats in the categories "Organisation of Studies" (grade 1,5), "Rooms" (grade 1,7) and "IT-Infrastructure" (grade 1,7). Especially the excellent computer equipment, which is renewed and updated on a regular basis, in the category "Rooms" is praised; besides the entire linkage of all university buildings via wireless network and the modern infrastructure in lecture halls and seminar rooms is honored. Computer Science in Paderborn achieves exclusively good results in the remaining categories.

The ranking from the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) is published and assessed annually in various categories of research and teaching at universities by the renowned newspaper Die Zeit. About 300 universities and universities of applied sciences in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The results are based on facts and judgements of about 150,000 students and 9,000 professors. According to the field of study – in this case it can be chosen among 37 subjects – it is categorised between the type of university and type of degree. Therefore the ranking helps future students to choose an university and their desired degree and honor excellent teaching and research. In doing so the predicates "Top Group", "Middle Group" and "End Section".

Detailed information is available in the printed and online edition of the magazine "ZEIT Studienführer 2018/19".

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