Weierstraß-Prize for excellent teaching 2022

Laudatio for Jun.-Prof. Dr. Henning Wachsmuth

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Henning Wachsmuth receives the Weierstrass Prize 2022 for the excellent evaluations of his lectures "Modelling" and "Computational Argumentation".

Professor Wachsmuth knows how to explain complicated teaching content in a simple and understandable way. He is extremely motivated and above all motivating and always interested in the maximum learning success of the students. His excellent evaluations are by no means a matter of course, especially in the first-semester course "Modelling", which is considered difficult. Let some comments speak for themselves: "Best professor I have. Motivated and interested in the students' learning success.", "The lecturer explains everything in an understandable way and makes an effort to ensure that the students take away as much as possible.", "Very motivated prof!", "Fun, everything is explained in a very understandable way, "no stiff teaching, also with humour".

Congratulations to Jun.-Prof. Dr. Henning Wachsmuth for the Weierstrass Award 2022 for excellent teaching in the category of lecturers.

Laudatio forMr. Suraj Joshi

Laudatio for Mr. Suraj Joshi

Mr. Suraj Joshi receives the Weierstrass Prize 2022 for the first-class supervision of the exercises "Advanced Control", "Fields & Waves", "Modeling and Simulation" and "Advanced System Theory".

Mr Joshi received absolute top marks in all these exercises, as in previous semesters. The students almost effusively praise his patience, his comprehensible explanations and his unconditional interest in learning success. He is also considered to be extremely competent in his subject matter. It was not easy to make a selection from the many positive student comments. Here are some: "Suraj seems to be very knowledgeable on all topics.", "Very few tutors possess the teaching skills he does.", "Great tutorials and definitely the best amongst all courses I've attended this year.", "soooooooo great at teaching and transferring the concepts. Thanks for spending huge amount of energy in class to help us to realize the content. You have to be honoured with the Weierstrass Prize."

Congratulations to Mr Suraj Joshi for the Weierstraß Prize 2022 for excellent teaching in the category of practice group leaders.