Weierstraß-Prize for excellent teaching 2021

Laudatio for Professor Dr. Juraj Somorovsky

Prof. Dr. Juraj Somorovsky receives the Weierstrass Award 2021 for the excellent evaluations of his lectures "IT Security" and "Real World Crypto Engineering". Professor Somorovsky knows how to efficiently convey teaching content at a high level in lectures that are almost rousing. Besides top marks in student evaluations, this is reflected in student comments, and I would like to summarize some of them:

"by far the most interesting and best lecture this semester",
"Provides superior first-hand expertise on very relevant topics. 11/10",
"Juraj is super motivated",
"definitely best course".

Equally noteworthy is the humorous and pleasant atmosphere, which was also attested to him in numerous comments. Special attention was also paid to the design of online teaching in this year's award selection. And the student comment "Best organized lecture of my online semester" speaks for itself here.

Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Juraj Somorovsky for the Weierstrass Award 2021 for excellent teaching in the category of lecturers.

Laudatio for Mrs. Imke Schwerin

Ms. Imke Schwerin receives the Weierstrass Award 2021 for the first-class supervision of the exercises on "Didactics of Arithmetic in Early Learning and Teaching". In particular, in the student surveys on motivation, interest in the learning success of the students and comprehensible communication of the content, Ms. Schwerin received excellent ratings from the students. Let me summarize a few comments:

"Super motivating exercise instructor who is a joy to participate with",
"Imke is very dedicated and makes every effort to ensure that all content is understood",
and maybe the most important: "You can really learn something"!

An important criterion in this year's selection was aspects of online teaching, which of course presented an additional challenge to all instructors. Ms. Schwerin passed this challenge with flying colors, as summed up rather aptly by a student comment, "The exercise is a good example of how online teaching can work effectively. It is hard to do it better".

Congratulations to Ms. Imke Schwerin on receiving the 2021 Weierstrass Award for Excellence in Teaching in the category of Exercise Group Leaders.