Weierstraß-Prize for excellent teaching 2019

Laudatio for Dr. Cornelia Kaiser

Dr. Cornelia Kaiser receives the Weierstrass Award 2019 for the excellent evaluations of her lectures "Higher Mathematics B and C for Electrical Engineers" and "Mathematics for Physicists". While she is certified rather fast and high in pace, demand and effort, at the same time she gets excellent marks for her preparation of the lectures, your interest in the learning success of the students and your motivation. All of this culminates in an excellent overall grade. Here is a comment from a student: "This lecture is the best structured lecture in my course at the moment! Possibilities for learning are (presented) particularly intensively, so that one can keep up well. Here you can clearly notice the will of the lecturer that the students understand the material and pass the exam." And another comment "Once again, the best lecture of the semester." Ms. Kaiser has been an outstanding instructor for many years with excellent evaluations for her teaching. This is the second time she has received the award.

Congratulations to Dr. Cornelia Kaiser for the 2019 Weierstrass Award "for Excellent Teaching for a Lecturer" .

Laudatio for Alexis-Vincent Chasiotis, Student der Mathematik, Uni Paderborn

Mr. Alexis-Vincent Chasiotis receives the Weierstrass Award 2019 for the first-class supervision of the exercises on "Analysis 1" for mathematics students and "Mathematics 1 and 2 for mechanical engineers". Both his preparation for the exercises, his interest in the students' learning success, his motivation in teaching and the atmosphere between him and the students are all graded "very good" in the anonymous event reviews. Mr. Chasiotis' good ratings had already been noticed by the jury in the previous year, and even after two more semesters of teaching, the quality of his tutorials remained at a very high level. Here are two comments from the many positive comments from students:

"I think the little summary at the beginning of each exercise is very good, because it helps you get into the exercise perfectly and you know what is the most important thing about the lecture. It's perfect. Also, Alexis is really motivated about it and you can tell he's really interested in it (himself), which is also (re)motivating. By far the best tutorial I've ever been to! :)"

"Haven't experienced a better tutor yet. Motivation to math increased."

Congratulations to Mr. Chasiotis for the 2019 Weierstrass Award "for excellent teaching for a tutorial group leader".