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CRC 901 – On-The-Fly Computing (OTF Computing)

Water Tank Optimization Tool (WaTaOpt)


The Water Tank Optimization tool can be used to support the planning process for tanks in a water distribution system. It helps to decide at which places in the network a tank should exist and which dimension this tanks should have. To achieve a cost minimal solution a mathematical optimization model is used. This model can be solved via various optimization algorithms. In order to reduce solution times, WaTaOpt provides pre-processing techniques that reduce the size of the network model. The obtained solution is evaluated by a hydraulic simulation. If the solution is not satisfying, a modification process is performed until the solution is satisfying.


  •          Optimization of the location of new or existing tanks
  •          Optimization of the dimensions of new or existing tanks
  •          Different Optimization Algorithms
  •          Network Model Reductions
  •          Hydraulic Simulation
  •          Modification, if solution is not satisfying


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WaTaOpt has been developed in subproject C3. For more information contact Corinna Hallmann.

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