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CRC 901 – On-The-Fly Computing (OTF Computing)

Market Demonstrator

The goal of the market demonstrator is to demonstrate and evaluate the feasibility of an On-The-Fly service market. It focuses on the collaboration between different complex components within a distributed infrastructure.


The Market Demonstrator is a decentral, robust, and scalable peer-to-peer infrastructure. It implements the interactions of three market participants (user, service provider, OTF provider) with the OTF market. In addition to a publish/subscribe mechanism and monitoring, this includes search, configuration, and matching of services.

The Market Demonstrator applies existing technologies like FreePastry and SCRIBE for network communication purposes. The graphical user interface is realized as an Eclipse Rich Client Platform.

Communication Procedure

  • OTF provider (OTF-Dienstleister) contacts domains that fit the requirements (1,2)
  • OTF provider contacts service providers in this domain (3,4)
  • Service providers offer service specifications (5,6)
  • OTF provider matches and composes services (7,8)
  • User selects offer


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Relations to other tools

For matching and service specifications the Market Demonstrator builds on SeSAME (SSE for service specifications and MatchBox for matching). The configuration engine used by the OTF providers is the BackwardSearch algorithm of the ConfigMate tool.


The Market Demonstrator has been developed mainly by subproject A1 in collaboration with subproject B1 and subproject B2 within the scope of the crosscutting topic “Marktinfrastruktur”. If you have any questions, please contact research staff from Subproject A1.

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