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Information Note

„The Mentoring-Program „perspEktIveM“ is your chance to gain insight into the day-to-day work of research at the university alongside your own studies.“

The program provides an opportunity for female students (in their fourth semester or above) of having a 10-month mentoring partnership with a PhD student in their field. Thus, gaining the ability to gather information and discuss questions about obtaining a doctorate and at an early stage.

In regular mentoring meetings the students will exchange experiences with their mentors, get to know the everyday life of the research assistants and accompany their mentors in typical working phases like meetings and conferences.

Aside from these meetings there is an additional supporting program for the students. In workshops like „rhetoric and presentation“ the attendees can improve their personal and professional skills and reflect their own development opportunities.

Conditions of Participation

perspEktIveM is dedicated to female students, who are willing to actively engage themselves in their mentoring partnership. Furthermore, it is mandatory to attend the opening and closing event, at least two workshops and three networking meetings. All dates will be announced in advance. In addition, the Mentees agree to participate in the program evaluations in the form of an interview at half-time and at conclusion.

Please notice that the supporting program (like workshops) will take place in German. If you do not speak German we can offer you the experience of having a mentor for 10 months, but as you cannot participate in the supporting program, you will not get a certificate or ECTS-Credits.

Application documents

Please sent your complete application documents (postal or digital) up to May 31st to the following address:

Projektkoordination perspEktIveM
Universität Paderborn
Fakultät für
Elektrotechnik, Informatik und Mathematik
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn

Die Universität der Informationsgesellschaft